Approaching Completion: Dedeman Tennis Academy’s Innovative Design Phase

Arch. Hildegard Brandl
Arch. Anca Brandiburg
Arch. Georgiana Miu
Arch. Adrian Ionita
Arch. Bogdan Șpan
Arch. Raluca Zaharia

Our team at UNITH2B Architecture is excited to share the latest updates on the Dedeman Tennis Academy project as it approaches the final stages of its design phase. We are working hard to refine the last details to transform the architectural concept into a dynamic, living entity.

Our design strategy aims to combine functionality with visual appeal, using a diverse range of colors and materials that embody the vibrant essence of tennis. The interior design is heavily influenced by the classic elegance and natural feel of tennis clay courts, ensuring that every aspect of the academy exudes the sport’s inherent energy.

Our architects are meticulously selecting sustainable and durable materials that not only add to the aesthetic value but also meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility. The use of natural tones enhances the spacious and open layouts, creating welcoming and stimulating environments. We are finalizing these choices through detailed renderings that will soon offer a sneak peek into the academy’s future ambiance.

With the construction phase just around the corner, our anticipation continues to grow. We are eager to move from blueprint to reality and are committed to providing continuous updates and visuals from the construction site, documenting each significant progress step.

Stay connected for further updates as we progress.